Classic Tiramisu
lady finger biscuits dipped in espresso with Mascarpone mousse – 44 nis

Triangle of Nemesis Cake Delicate
homemade chocolate cake without flour with chocolate flavor, served with vanilla ice cream – 46 nis

Baked Cheesecake
a very rich, baked cheesecake on a bed of butter cookies coated with Chantilly vanilla cream and wild berry syrup – 44 nis

Creme Brulee Layers
layers of cream, brussels and vanilla semifredo, pistachio semifredo interspersed with twills of chilled puff pastry – 48 nis

Biscuit Cake
layers of biscuits, vanilla cream and crispy chocolate in a delicate coating of milk chocolate ganache – 44 nis

Swiss Chocolate
free chocolate meringue, Mascarpone cream, dark chocolate and white chocolate drizzles (gluten free) – 42 nis

Red velvet
crimson cakes with “velvet” vanilla cream – 44 nis

“Parfait” with halva
fed on crispy chocolate basis with nougat, sprinkled with white and black sesame (vegan) – 44 nis

vanilla ice cream ball with hot aromatic espresso – 24 nis

Hot Beverage:

Espresso 12 nis

Instant coffee/ Americano 14 nis

Cappuccino/ Double espresso 15 nis

Tea infusions (traditional English, lemon chamomile, berries, Earl Gray, mint green tea, green jasmine tea) 12 nis

Mint tea 15 nis

Hot/ cold chocolate 15 nis


Alexander blanca 30 nis

Alexander exquisite 48 nis

Adagio well-aged 140 nis

Home Grappa 10 nis