Focaccia southern Italian style bread with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and homemade olives – 30 NIS


Insalata panzanella tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, capers, purple onion, basil, kalamata olives, artichoke – 48 NIS
*(with the addition of tuna +10 NIS, with the addition of feta cheese +10 NIS)

Insalata caprese – fresh tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. Mozzarella cheese and fresh basil with extra virgin olive oil. Pesto and reduces balsamic vinegar – 54 NIS

Caesar salad alla Cardini – romaine lettuce in garlic dressing, anchovy, lemon and extra virgin olive oil garnished with parmesan cheese and croutons – 54 NIS

Melanzane e calamari – sautéed calamari rings, onion, Sun-dried tomatoes and parsley served on a bed of roasted eggplant cream, splashed with yogurt and basil dressing – 57 NIS

Salmon Ceviche with lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, purple onions, red pepper and persil on sour cream and hot geen pepper  – 57 NIS

Mozzarella borata – fresh cherry tomatoes, artichoke Mozzarella borata  cheese and fresh basil with extra virgin olive oil. Pesto and reduces balsamic vinegar – 68 NIS


Pizza Margherita di Savoia fresh Italian tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil – 74 NIS
* Condimenti per la pizza: green olives, champignon mushrooms, anchovy, purple onion, tuna, feta cheese, 7 NIS each

Pizza ai tre funghi e tartufo – mascarpone and white truffle puree, three types of mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, arugula leaves and chili – 88 NIS

Pizza Ben Ami – fresh Italian tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese ,truffle puree, mushrooms and artichoke – 86 NIS

Pizza Napolitana – fresh Italian tomato sauce, pepperoni, purple onion, fresh chilli pepper, mozzarella cheese – 86 NIS 

Vegetarian pizza – fresh Italian tomato sauce, vegeterian  cheese ,truffle puree and mushrooms – 86 NIS


Rossa – Penne with sundried tomato, butter, cream, garlic, white wine and parmesan cheese – 74 NIS

Alfredo di Lellio – Fettuccine with mushrooms (portobello, champignon and forest) sautéed in butter with black truffle puree, garlic, nutmeg, cream and parmesan cheese – 84 NIS

Carbonara – Fettuccine with bacon, cream, parmesan, nutmeg, garlic, white wine and egg yolk – 90 NIS

Ragu’ Bolognese – Spaghetti with beef and lamb sauce with parmesan cheese – 84 NIS

Ravioli della casa – fresh pasta with cheese filling and rose or pesto sauce – 84 NIS

Penne di mare – shrimp, squid, clams, sautéed with olive oil, white wine, garlic, cream, sundried tomatoes, parsley and parmesan cheese – 119 NIS

Gnocchi with mushrooms and chestnuts – gnocchi, cooked with mushrooms, chestnuts, white truffle paste, garlic and parmesan cream tomatoes sherry, garlic and parsley – 84 NIS

Penne salmon – penne mixed with pieces of fresh salmon, cream, parmesan, green ognion, garlic and white wine – 88 NIS

Mini Ravioli cheese – fresh mini ravioli  pasta stuffed  with cheese  in  sauce of black truffle puree, garlic, cream and parmesan cheese – 86 NIS

Penne arrabiata – fresh penne mixed with garlic, olive oil, pomodoro sauce, chili and basil leavs – 75 NIS

Spaggeti alla olio – spaggeti  with olive oil, zucchini ,garlic, persil  and vegetable stock – 70 NIS

Spaggeti alla olio – spaggeti with olive oil, zucchini, garlic, persil, spinach and vegetable stock – 72 NIS

Cacio e pepe – spaghetti pasta with black pepper, butter and parmesan cheese – 84 NIS


Filetto di salmone – seared on the grill and served with a gnocchi sautéed in butter, white vine, cream and herbs – 120 NIS

Polletto italiano – 300g of Grilled Italian style pullets, served with potato wedges baked in garlic, olive oil and herbs – 88 NIS


Spaghetti della mamma – tomato sauce, garlic and parmesan cheese – 50 NIS

Pizza margherita – tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese – 50 NIS

Pizza Toppings: – Green olives, Kalamata olives, champignon mushrooms, anchovy, purple onion, Tuna, Italian artichoke, feta cheese, corn – 5 NIS each


Classic Tiramisu – lady finger biscuits dipped in espresso with Mascarpone mousse 48 NIS

Alfajores dessert – Biscuits cookie, milk jam with coconut coating 48 NIS

Baked Cheesecake – a very rich, baked cheesecake on a bed of butter cookies coated with Chantilly vanilla cream and wild berry syrup 46 NIS

Biscuit Cake – layers of biscuits, vanilla cream and crispy chocolate in a delicate coating of milk chocolate ganache 46 NIS

Swiss Chocolate (gluten free) – free chocolate meringue, Mascarpone cream, dark chocolate and white chocolate drizzles 46 NIS

Chocolate Souffle – Lightly heated, filled with quality chocolate and vanilla ice cream 50 NIS

Affogato – vanilla ice cream ball with hot aromatic espresso 24 NIS


Orange/ Lemonade/ Grapefruit Fresh – 18 NIS

Pepsi/ 7Up/ Mirinda/ Pepsi Max/ 7Up Diet – 16 NIS

Cider/ Carbonated Cider – 18 NIS

Bitter lemon/ Tonic/ Ginger Ale – 15 NIS

San Benedetto 0.5L – 14 NIS

S.Pellegrino 750ml – 28 NIS

Soda  – 15 NIS

Nestea – 16 NIS

Grape juice – 15 NIS


Espresso – 12 NIS

Instant coffee/ Americano – 14 NIS

Cappuccino/ Double espresso – 16 NIS

Tea  (traditional English, lemon chamomile, berries, Earl Gray, mint green tea, green jasmine tea) – 12 NIS

Mint tea – 15 NIS

Hot/ cold chocolate – 16 NIS